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听歌学英语 - 专注于欧美流行的英语歌曲

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Forfatter: 北京爱语吧科技有限公司

iYuba wishes everyone a happy summer vacation! ! Just only sing Chinese songs when you go to Kara OK? Only exams make you learn English, lack of interests? Come and learn English by songs,beautiful anchor with sweet voice will explain every English songs sentence by sentence,increase your interests in learning English.So you will learn English in a relaxed, cheerful atmosphere.Listening and reading authentic English songs, at the same time your English listening and reading ability will progress rapidly.And you will be happy to learn English vocabulary, grammar and usage. Beautiful music, cool interface, make you get full pleasure in hearing and vision. Hundreds of thousands of users choice, you deserve!

The main ideas and functions are as follows:
First, the exclusive right of iYubas innovative application in learning English while listening classic English songs.For each songs in English grammar vocabulary to parse sentence by sentence,achieved learning English by listening songs depth.
Second, the software data is parsed by famous English Majors team, nearly two hundred carefully selected song in English, Chinese and English synchronous control,to fully meet your needs in vision and auditory.
Third, for the needs of different users, the song divided into four categories: classic songs, the band combination, male singer, female singer.
Fourth, you can listen to songs online, while your favorite songs can be downloaded to a local, so you can still enjoy and learn about the beautiful English songs without network environment.
Fifth, the word is the key to learning English, the word who do not know, you can click on a word to view interpretation while listening to music, you can listen to pronunciation and words can be added to new words book.Without network environment,you also can add words to new words book.When using our applications with network, it will be automatically updated to new words book of its interpretation, etc., allowing you to add a word anywhere.
Sixth, we provide users to regist and login, your words will be saved in our iYubas server, to achieve web application and mobile client application sharing new words book.So you can use new words book in either application of iYuba to grasp every word synchronously.